Brian Angelo Moreno

Computer Science Graduate NEIU

About Me   

  My name is Brian Moreno and I will be a first-generation graduate from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. I enjoy playing video games, watching football(#BearDown), and solving puzzles(riddles and jigsaw). I am pursuing an entry level/research position to help further my current goal of becoming a Software Engineer, and future goal of becoming a professor.

Website Project, Writing Intensive Programming (Software Engineering)
For our semester project, we were tasked to build a website that utilized PHP and MySQL. I decided to go with a website that could help other students by providing a place to post questions and/or ideas. In other words, I decided to create a basic discussion forum. You can visit the forum by going to the link below.
Link 1

Database Project, Java/Database Management
For this project, we were tasked to make any sort of interactive database system using Java and MySQL. Our database is based around car rentals, you can view, update, and delete various information. You will be acting an administrator of the system. You can view our database code by going to the link below.

Website Projects, Client-Side Web Development
Giving specific guidelines throughout the course we were tasked to make two websites, one individually and one in a group. The first link will take you to the first website we were tasked to make, and the second link will take you to the group website.
Link 1
Link 2

Research Project 1, Java II
Given an image file we were tasked to make two more image files with one of the images being flipped on the x-axis and the other on the y-axis. My contribution to the project was figuring out the necessary code to flip the images. You can view my part of the code in the image.java file by downloading the code below.